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Robert Walters is grateful and honored to be part of such a fun and rewarding production. Thank you to everyone who worked hard and tirelessly to make something that actually is, fearful. Robert can also be seen on the VetTV streaming service in "A Grunt's Life," and "The Let Down," as well as the upcoming AEA production of "4Play: Sex in a Series."


Tory Taranova is a Texas born actress best known for playing eccentric theater student Debra Kadabra in  Richard Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some!! She got her start in the horror genre as a lead in Butcher Boys, written and produced by Texas Chainsaw Massacre mastermind Kim Henkel. She proceeded to form a relationship with Comedy Central with guest stars on multiple series including DJ culture comedy Ultimate Ultimate with none other than Tim Robbins (Shawshank Redemption) Also a musician, Tory was a contestant in Season 13 of American Idol. She currently plays series regular Emmanuelle in the Black Pills series Exposed and stars in the upcoming post-apocalyptic feature The Outer Wild.



Classically trained in Musical Theater, Ana has performed roles from High School Musical to The Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy with theatre companies local to Colorado. She has recently made the move to Los Angeles to further pursue Musical Theater as well as acting for film. Currently she is involved with several independent film projects set to release in 2018. A 2015 Film graduate and Spanish minor of Colorado College, Ana is also working as an editor on a bilingual documentary centering on Hispanics in the San Luis Valley.



Derek Grauer is an actor originally from Moorestown, New Jersey. He attended and graduated from Valley Forge Military Academy in Wayne, PA. Studied drama at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Derek made his feature film debut in 2002. He has starred in various stage productions, commercials, TV shows and print campaigns. He is an avid surfer and photographer. 

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Kristen Briscoe, a Northern Virginia native, is a classically trained dancer turned actress. She began her acting career as a dancing extra in short film. She has earned supporting or lead roles in many independent films and stage productions as an actress and/or dancer. She made her first national television debut as a supporting actress in TV One's show, "For My Man," then later earned a lead role in that same series the following season as well as a lead role in BET's series premier of, "Criminals At Work." She has been thrilled to work with Through the 4th Wall on both of their immersive projects combining her passion for dancing and acting. She is a dancer, Silent Sentinel and dance captain for 19 The Musical. 



Vince Yearly is an actor/comedian based in Los Angeles, but still a genuine Jersey Boy at heart. Specializing in larger than life characters and voicing crazy animations, Vince has been referred to as a “handsome Steve Buscemi.” After graduating college he continued to find new ways to utilize his abilities, including performing in the nation’s largest haunted attraction “Terror Behind the Walls” at Eastern State Penitentiary, which Director Guillermo del Toro praised as being “refreshing for the soul!” His films RETREAT and ALIEN COMMUNICATIONS played in Hollyshorts Film Festival at the Chinese Theater in back to back years, and he helped create and star in an Audience Choice winning short FATAL IMPULSES in the 48hr Film Project.

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From NYC and now resides in the DMV area. She has been in several independent films and series in the DMV. One of her latest was in Ruthless at the Tyler Perry Studios. She studies with April Yvette Thompson, Matt Corozine and Vera Katz.  Antoinette is a part-time gym rat. And after retiring as broadcast engineer with FOX TV she loves spending time with her grandsons. 

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Born and raised in West Lafayette, Indiana.  Kim attended Purdue University majoring in Theatre. Kim has also trained at schools such as Northwestern University's Cherubs Theatre Program (2005) and William Esper Studios in New York (2008). Kim decided to pursue her passion for acting and move out to Los Angeles in 2010. Since then, Kim has created her own work such as Oobered The web series and has also starred in films such as Boarding School.  Kim wants to see a world where women are viewed as equal.  Through the power of storytelling Kim hopes to invoke a brighter future for women. 


Ana Lopes is an award-nominated Actress and the youngest Portuguese Actress with the longest film credits. She was born in Coimbra and raised in the São Miguel island, in the Azores. After graduating in Law in Lisbon and performing on many of the most prestigious Portuguese stages during college, Ana moved to Los Angeles to study Acting and Film. She has since then been working between the United States, the United Kingdom and her native country.

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Zoey, whose real name is unpronounceable to most, was born in Israel to a Moroccan mother and Polish father.  Between the 5 languages spoken at home and the 10+ spoken by her cousins and neighbors, she grew up to be something of a polyglot, with a facility for accents and dialects.  Also, she likes the word "polyglot."

Unlike most actors, Zoey discovered acting by accident.  It's a long, sad story involving dark times, an open call, and triumph over adversity. Except that it's not all that long.  Or sad.  Or all that triumphant, for that matter.  The accident part is 100% true, though.

In her spare time, Zoey pets other people's dogs, spends quality time with her favorite human (her nephew),  and waves at bad drivers from the comfort of her tiny, fuel-efficient car.
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